8-Bit Dungeon

I found my first geocache today! It was in Memorial Park, which is a place I’ve never even been to before. Surprising since I live in one of the smallest towns in Montana. But that’s the whole point of geocaching isn’t it? It was a pretty cool spot. The memorial is higher than it looks from the street and it actually has a pretty good view of Lewistown.

These crowns be guilty, yo.

I watched the first episode of Guilty Crown yesterday. I had very high hopes for it, since it shares a few crew members with Code Geass, the first real* anime I ever watched. I think that the people at Production I.G. have really outdone themselves with this one. I can honestly say that the only time I have EVER yelled at a television show was Avatar: The Last Airbender. And that was only after two-and-a-half seasons of character development.

Another thing that stood out is the quality of the animation. All of the characters move smoothly and naturally. My favorite part (animation-wise) was the glittering tendrils that followed Shu after he reached into Inori’s soul or whatever and got his badass BFS (big fucking sword).

My favorite part of the whole episode was when Inori was urging Shu to take the cat’s cradle from her. I liked what she says so much that I added it to my favorite qoutes on Facebook. “You might be able to if you try. But you’ll never be able to if you don’t.” I should get that framed. 

I think the reason that Guilty Crown has affected me so much even though I have only seen one episode is that I really, really identify with Shu. His little monologue at the beginning of the episode about how he never knows what to say, so he just laughs and goes along with what everyone else is saying really touched me. I feel exactly the same way sometimes, since I only have one or two friends that I can really be myself around. 

I really hope that this show doesn’t burn out after this amazing start. If it can keep this level going the entire season, it might just become my new favorite anime. Although it will be hard to dislodge my two-way tie between FLCL and Cowboy Bebop. Oh well.

*By “real” I mean it wasn’t Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam, or Pokemon.


When the Traveler closes his eyes, he can still see the dunes. They are etched into the back of his eyelids like acid on a copper plate. Like all dunes, they change constantly, rising and falling with the whims of the wind. Sometimes the Traveler cannot tell whether his eyes are opened or closed. It does not matter. The view is the same. The Traveler’s only possessions are his cloak, which becomes his tent at night, and his walking stick, which holds up his tent and becomes a weapon should he meet other wanderers with less than friendly intentions. But he hasn’t met anyone, good intentions or not, in a very long time.
To call him the Traveler is inaccurate. Traveling implies a destination. The Traveler has none. But he has nothing else to call himself. Among the dunes, unneeded knowledge falls through your fingers like sand, lost forever. The Traveler thought he needed his name for a long, long,  time. Not any more. He has no one to tell it to. Your standards of comparison blow away when there is nothing to compare.
In any case “The Traveler” works fine. Until he forgets that too.
The Traveler rests on top of a high dune. He hasn’t eaten in so long. He didn’t know a man could go this long without food. The Traveler thinks he should have been dead by now. Maybe he is. It does not matter. The view is the same.
He must leave the top of the high dune. The day is a windy day, and the tops of the highest dune can become the bottom of a higher one in moments. The Traveler stands and begins to walk away. He doesn’t know where he is going. It doesn’t matter. He must keep moving. If he stops for too long, he will be buried completely.

I was feeling depressed after work today. I decided to drive around until I saw something never seen befo-HOLY SHIT MOUNTAIN LION OH MY GOD.

I was feeling depressed after work today. I decided to drive around until I saw something never seen befo-HOLY SHIT MOUNTAIN LION OH MY GOD.

Don't Ask Me

I think OK Go might just be the best band ever. Maybe.

Pros and Cons

I have thrown up around fifteen times now. I had to stop typing this TWICE to go trow up. But at least I’m not at work!